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To support our love of travel and adventurous spirits, we decided to homeschool our two kids (ages 7 and 9 now).

Our son completed K-2 in our local public school and our daughter went for kindergarten (cut short by Covid). We began our homeschooling journey trying out a few different curriculums to see what would work for us. As we worked our way through the transition, we found ourselves sliding more and more to the "Unschooling" side of the spectrum.

As Unschoolers, we believe that we are natural learners and learn what we need when we need it. We are guided by our personal curiosity. We don't use any curriculums, we don't have tests or quizzes. We don't teach by following specific criteria and benchmarks based on their ages.


We let the kids learn through play. We research what they want to know. We play games and read books and watch videos and shows and movies. We do activities we love. We practice taekwondo and piano. Our son learns new alphabets because he wants to. Our daughter takes gymnastics and art classes and we don't have to stay up late to finish homework when we get home. We travel. Not just in the summer and on breaks. We travel all year and we get the benefit of the off-season!

We are raising our kids to know what they love and do it. We are encouraging them to build their lives around things they love. Work around your life instead of living around your work. Find your passion and indulge. Always make fun and joy and love your priorities.

Unschooling allows us to spend our days together as a family. We each have the flexibility to pursue our own interests and do things we want to do. We get to eat when we want, sleep when we want and wear what we want (pajamas, mostly) on a regular daily basis. We have so much freedom and we are so healthy and happy.

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