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A postpartum doula is a trained caregiver who supports a family as they adjust to life with a new baby. Whether it is your first baby or fifth baby or you’re bringing home twins or triplets or more, a growing family presents unique challenges each time.


Those early weeks are critical for recovery and bonding and every new family deserves to be supported during this precious time.

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My role as your postpartum doula is to support and nurture each member of the family. I am also educated in the most recent evidence-based information surrounding postpartum recovery and newborn care. I am trained to anticipate your needs and meet them and will refer specialists as needed or requested.

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Services offered as a postpartum doula include:

  • Offering parents an opportunity to rest while I care for the newborn.

  • Allowing the parents to bond with their new baby while I care for older siblings or do some light housework

  • Allowing parents to spend some quality time with older siblings while I care for the newborn

  • Ensuring the new mom is recovering well by asking appropriate questions

  • Assisting with some meal and snack prep

  • Answering questions and assisting with newborn care such as feeding, soothing, sleeping, diapering and more

  • Providing comfort and a listening ear as the family processes the major changes they are experiencing

  • Helping develop support plans and organizational techniques for when I’m not there

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