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A birth doula is a trained caregiver who accompanies you during labor, providing physical and emotional support as you bring your child into the world.


You will carry your birth story with you forever. I want to make sure that story is one full of positive memories, a story of love and empowerment...a story you will be proud to share again and again.

Image by Cleyton Ewerton
Nursery Room

As your birth doula, I will help you identify your priorities for your unique birth experience. I will answer questions you have about the birth process and options available to you. Together, we will develop a birth plan for you and I’ll be there to help you stick to it as much as safely possible.


I will make sure you are aware of your options and help you ask the right questions to discern the tests and treatments you want.

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When labor begins, I’ll be by your side to offer physical support by answering your questions, reminding you of your goals and priorities and applying my knowledge of positioning and natural techniques to encourage you through the various stages of labor. I will remind your medical providers of your birth plan and preferences and coach you through the decision-making that is required of you during labor.


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