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Alli Teague

Human Design Reader

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It doesn't matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you can always benefit from a deeper understanding of yourself and from listening to your own intuitive wisdom. 


I'd love to work with you

One on One

I am ​a certified Intuition Coach and Human Design Reader. Nothing brings me greater joy than introducing tools, asking meaningful questions, and guiding someone to discover their own personal design and intuition. I believe we are all uniquely created with special gifts and talents and if everyone tuned into their own desires and what lights them up and brings them joy and satisfaction, we will experience a world of perfect harmony.

absolutely love guiding people along their spiritual journey, using my own personal gifts of listening deeply and seeing in others what they struggle to see in themselves. I know we have all been conditioned to ignore our gifts and try to fit into the one right way to do life and I'm here to help you rediscover your own intuition.

Human Design is an amazing tool to guide you to your inner voice, your deepest desires and your passion and purpose in life. Your Human Design chart can help you better understand how your energy works and how to use it best for you. It can shine a light on how you are designed to make decisions. It can also help you discover where you have been heavily conditioned or imprinted upon by your parents and other people of influence in your life. Let it be a starting point for unlearning everything you thought you knew about yourself. 


I am here to spread love, to normalize unconditional happiness and to honor the unique gifts within all of us. I believe we heal the world by healing ourselves and I would love to support you in your healing journey.  

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