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I have always been drawn to self-discovery, self-development and growth. I now spend my time guiding other women to discover their own intuition and supporting them as they practice listening to it and following their light path.

In the Spring of 2018, I decided to reach out to a Life Coach for the first time. I had everything I'd ever wanted. I was married to my soulmate, we had two amazing children, we lived in a big beautiful home zoned for one of the very best new public schools in the state, I was working part-time as a CPA while my husband was quickly ascending the corporate ladder. Life was perfect.

As perfect as everything seemed, there was a voice inside me that said, "There must be more." I had everything I ever wanted and I was only 33 years old. Was I really supposed to just rinse and repeat my daily life for the next 30-something years until I retired? The thought of only taking a few weeks of vacation every year and having to plan everything around the school schedule and busy season and work projects and deadlines made me feel so trapped and meaningless and well, kinda depressed.

By 2020 I had convinced my husband to sell our house, quit our jobs, pull the kids out of school and re-evaluate EVERYTHING. We were going to take a mid-life retirement, enjoy some quality time as a family and discover our true passion and purpose in life.

So , there I was with the freedom I knew I needed. I had full freedom to do anything I wanted. And, guess what? I had no idea what I wanted. I had spent the first 33 years of my life doing what everyone expected me to do, what I thought we were all supposed to do. I had played by the rules and reaped the rewards, but now couldn't tell you a single thing I actually enjoyed doing for myself. I didn't know who I was or how to tune in and listen to my own intuition.

Thankfully, the Universe introduced some people in my life who were prepared to guide me and to equip me with the tools I would need to go deeper within myself. I discovered my own personal spiritual connection to God. I discovered my intuition and learned to start honoring it and listening to it. I discovered my unique gifts and talents and how to use them to fill my heart with joy and spread love to those around me.

Now, I am a Certified Intuitive Coach and a Certified Human Design reader. I love walking with women as they discover more about themselves and how to show up authentically in the world in a way that feels soulful, meaningful and purposeful. I love supporting them as they step courageously into a newer, more conscious, more intentional version of themselves. I love being in communities where we support each other and grow together in our spiritual learning and practices. I love my life more deeply than I ever knew was possible.

I currently offer Human Design readings and one-on-one coaching packages. You can also find me at The Light Freedom assisting the incredible Svetlana Newsome as she heals the world and makes dreams come true! I am a Dreams Coach and assist people in discovering the deepest desires of their heart and bringing those desires into their reality.


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A 21 Week Journey of Practicing Self-Care with Your Child

Alli Teague & Jennifer Rawls team up as co-authors of a new series for Mother's and their children titled -  Love Lessons.

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